Legendary Programs that help you Gain MORE courage, clarity & confidence to do anything.
It turns out that the more personal freedom you achieve, the MORE you become the person you most want to be! You’re in luck! My programs offer you a unique opportunity to engage your courage and follow your HEART. They’re curated to help you gain an unshakeable sense of self-worth so that you THRIVE in ALL you do.
The days of tolerating anything or anyone less than you deserve are about to be over….

I’m Catalysing
Transformative Change

When you feel seen and heard instead of invisible and voiceless, connected instead of separate and isolated, comfortable in sharing and open to receptivity instead of getting caught up in power dynamics or personal drama; stress, anxiety, lack of focus, low energy levels, and conflict all disappear.

I orchestrate a creative process that helps you address challenge and fear in really powerful ways. You learn how to flow in life without the barriers of self doubt getting in your way. You become someone you admire, value and trust.

Discover my Legendary

Be the hero of your own life. This 2-Day Accountability Program gets you to ACT and follow through on your dreams. ONLINE VERSION COMING SOON

An 8-day getaway in paradise to help creatives, trainers and coaches build the next steps of their personal and business evolution.

A 6-week program that repairs the damages of hurt. ONLINE VERSION COMING SOON

An exploratory free dance lab designed as an inquiry into the mechanics of self love, community, and leadership.

“ Don’t forget to grab your FREE audio training. I share with you 3 simple strategies that’ll give you MORE courage, clarity & confidence to do anything. Take it. It’s yours for free. ”

Work with Tbird options

Designed to meet your needs
Only when we develop the habit of loving and valuing ourselves, can we actually respect, honor, value and love all of life around us.
Individual Coaching
packages are customized to fit your personal formula for brave, bold and beautiful living that hold you accountable to showing up powerfully in everything you do.
Corporate Team
Building & Self Leadership Development programs that drive innovation through empowered relationship development — by helping individuals “join genius,” and fully realize their unique gifts in a context of shared purpose through the work they do.
If you’re looking
for Inspiring Keynotes for your events and presentations, I’m available to speak on a range of topics.
Let’s make sure my services are suited for your needs, we often begin with a private questionnaire and personality test. We then schedule a complimentary introduction vision session.