I’m Tbird Luv.

A Transformative Artist & Self Love Catalyst. I’m committed to helping you fearlessly shine your inner light in powerfully expressive ways.


I’ve always dreamt of a world where people got along and dreams were made real. Today, my creative artistic vocation has become my way of living it.


My background in performing and healing arts, world cultures, and personal growth are the backbone of my interdisciplinary approach to catalysing human potential and building community world wide.

As a global citizen and advocate for the Arts, I’ve developed workshops and programs across the globe that have transformed the lives of countless men, women, and youth; altering the trajectory of the way they handle and approach challenge, growth and change.

“Go from fear to faith with a new mindset”

How we live, relate, communicate, and think are all changing rapidly every day. Change is inevitable. Life is less about what happens than about how we deal with it. When things spin out of control…the only thing we can actually control is ourselves.

As things evolve and unfold, there are really only two choices you make… you can either choose to be open to Love or shut down and close to it.

When you know how to love the moment open, the less your wounds matter. The easier it becomes to engage your courage, follow your TRUTH and fearlessly shine in powerfully expressive ways.

The key is to develop an empowered relationship with the things that scare you. I’m here to help you do that.


When you feel seen and heard instead of invisible and voiceless, connected instead of separate and isolated, comfortable in sharing and open to receptivity instead of getting caught up in power dynamics and drama; you feel chosen and naturally want to give your gifts.

I help you grow the capacity and resilience to trust that despite the challenges you face, you are equipped with the skills, community and mindsets to know how to move through a change.

I orchestrate a creative process that helps you address stress, anxiety, confusion and lack of focus so that you flow in life without the barriers of self doubt getting in your way.


Tbird Drawing

I’m a great integrator of many talents. I’ve been able to take my life’s experiences as a performing artist, change agent, world traveler, and entrepreneur, and turn them into shareable content of practical wisdom that helps you engage your heart, expand your mind, be your FULL self while building lasting relationships that can change the world.

I studied Classical Music Performance from Carnegie Mellon and obtained a World Music and Dance foundation from the California Institute of the Arts. I’ve performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra under Lorin Maazel and recorded with songwriter, guitarist Ry Cooder. I’ve studied dance in Bali and Music Therapy at the New School.

I’ve always dreamt of a world where people got along and dreams were made real. Today, my creative artistic vocation has become my way of living it.

Tbird Laugh (1)

I’m a proud Certified Ecovillage Design recipient through Gaia Education, and a Rockwood Leadership Advanced Arts & Culture Fellow. I’ve also served as Artist in Action Program Director for Empowerment Works and was the Director of Community Relations for the global think tank, The Center for Integral Wisdom. I’m also a certified Reiki Master & Light Ascension Therapist.

I’ve traveled all around the world performing, teaching and learning from masters. I’ve been featured on stages such as The Global Summit, TEDxShanghai, and San Francisco, FEMTalks, Success 3.0, El Cumbre Tajin Festival, Lightning in A Bottle Festival, Yerba Buena Center for The Arts SF and Jazz at Lincoln Center New York. I was also a guest facilitator for The World Academy for The Future of Women in Zhengzhou, China

From participating in vision quests or 9-day dark room silent meditations to caravanning across the Sahara Desert with a bandit of musicians, I’ve always been a lifelong learner devoted to experiencing as much life as I can. I like to challenge myself to grow by going after the things that I want yet scare me the most.

Today, I live in Shanghai leading teams and individuals on how to engage in cross-cultural difference and manage difference, resistance, and conflict inside of the unique challenges and opportunities in fast-changing China.


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Thank you for being here. You give my life meaning, Deep Bow.

With All My Heart,

Tbird Luv